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"We love what we do, and this venue is our way of bringing you a piece of that!''                                                                        

We started as 4 best friends in Northeast Indiana with a desire to start a real estate company. We started MBN Properties LLC, in 2012. We have successfully grown our business over the past several years, and now own several real estate ventures together. We spend a bulk of our time flipping houses for resale, but we also offer home rentals, short-stay vacational rentals, home remodeling services, custom-home builds, and now event rentals! 


We are natives to Fort Wayne, Indiana and are very passionate and dedicated to growing various businesses and creating new, trendy, and unique opportunities!  We are always looking for that "next thing" and strive to push ourselves and others to further growth and success! We are excited about the amazing things happening in northern Indiana, and we will continue our effort to make Indiana an even better place to live, work, and play! 


All work aside, we know how to have a great time and this new venue will be a perfect way to share that with others! Our calendars are always marked with plenty of time for our family and friends! We work hard, but those close to us will always be top of mind! The past 5 years have been an amazing journey full of blessings we couldn't have imagined for ourselves! What does the future hold for us? We don't know, but we are really excited for what God has in store for us! We love what we do, and this venue is is our way of bringing you a piece of that!


The idea for this hall came from a dear friend, Joe DiGregory. He passed away suddenly several years ago at the age of 60 before he was able to realize his ultimate dream of owning and operating his own reception hall. Joe was not only our co-worker for many years, he was a true friend and cared about everyone he came into contact with. His excitement and passion regarding this type and style of venue is a primary factor in this venue finally becoming a reality! The bar area at UNION 12 is in dedication and memory of our good friend Joe and has been named "Joe's Bar" in honor of him! 

OWNERS: Left to Right: John Sommer, Nate Norris, Silas Norris, Jonathan Weber


Union 12

7563 E. Lincolnway Road

Columbia City, IN   46725


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