Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you determine if this is the right venue for your event! 


When are you starting construction of the venue?

Construction is well underway! We expect it to be completed in April, 2018. The bridal home is nearly complete with only a few final touches yet to be done. 

How do we book? 

CLICK HERE and fill out the required information to start the booking process. We will process your request and get back with you within 1-3 business days to confirm your date is available and start the contract process. We process all booking requests in the order they come in! 

What is the pricing of your venue? 

The pricing changes seasonally and depends on the day of the week. Click HERE to visit our pricing page. 

How accurate are the renderings? 

The floorplan, size, shape, and general design of the building is spot on and won't likely be changed at all. The finishings are not EXACT but are very close to what the final product will look like. The rendering isn't able to show the exact details (including the exact color) of what the finished product will look like. If anything, we hope you like the finished product even more than the current renderings! 

When will the facility be complete? 

We are hoping to have construction complete around the beginning of April, 2018. 

Is the entire structure new? 

The farm home is not new but is being fully renovated/updated! Due to structural concerns we were not able to save the barn and turn it into a gathering place for hundreds of people. The cinderblock walls were cracked severely and beyond repair for a gathering place of this nature. We are incorporating some aged products and even bringing in some wood siding from Montana to make sure the end product has an older, worn, rustic feel with plenty of modern amenities and flare! 

Can we come see the facility as it is being built? 

Yes! We do not want you walking through the construction site while it is being built for code and safety reasons, but you are welcome to drive by and watch from a safe distance at any time! If you catch one of the guys out there we will be happy to discuss the project further with you as well! 

Can I set up a time to walk thru the facility and property? 

Yes, but you don't have to. You can come out anytime during office hours: Monday & Tuesday 9:00am-1:00pm, Wednesday 4:00pm-7:00pm, Thursday & Friday 9:00am-1:00pm and weekends by appointment.  Contact us for appointment times outside our normal office hours.

Do you have indoor plumbing? 

Yes, We have a separate indoor bathroom for men and women that is handicap approved/accessible!

Do you have indoor heating/cooling? 

Yes, we offer a heated and cooled venue space to accommodate year-round events.

What is the max capacity of the hall? 

We can hold over 300 guests and even more if additional provisions are made to incorporate more of the outdoor spaces! We do, however, recommend a guest list in the 200-250 range to maintain a good flow with plenty of extra space between tables and chairs etc. 

Do you allow alcohol? 

Yes, we do allow alcohol. However, Union 12 does not have a liquor license. State law requires a licensed provider serve the alcohol. Remind your guests to be respectful. There is a fine for any empty bottles found left in the building or on the property. 

How long can we party? 

We require that music be turned off by 11:30pm. Your rental time will end at 12am. 

Who is responsible for clean up? 

You are responsible for throwing all trash into the metal dumpster on the property. We do have cleaners that will be there to clean the facility. You are responsible for making sure the hall is left very close to the way your found it, with the exception of normal cleaning services. 

Who is responsible for set up? 

We will handle the setup of tables and chairs for your event. We have pre-planned setup options for you to choose from! Custom set up can be accomplished for an additional fee of $150! 

May I set up a day early? 

Yes, there is an extra charge for "day before" set up. Contact us for pricing. If the day before is already booked, this option may not be a possibility.

Will a staff member be present during my event? 

Yes, we will have a staff member or Union 12 Representative present during your event. 

May I use my own caterer? 

Yes, we have decided to maintain an open-door policy on caterers! Also, we do not charge outside vendors to use our facility. We do have industry professionals that we can recommend to you if you are interested. Keep in mind, you are responsible for the vendors you allow into our facility. We don't require that you use a licensed caterer, but any outside vendor needs to be approved by Union 12.

Do you have a catering space? 

Yes, we have a warming kitchen (caterers' kitchen). We have met with professional caterers to make sure we have an ideal set-up to make your event is a huge success! 

What's included in the catering kitchen?

Included in the kitchen are: refrigerator, freezer, large counterspace for prepping, open shelving, microwaves and a large sink.

Do you provide tables and chairs? 

We do provide up to 300 chairs and 60" round and 8' rectangular tables. If you need additional seating, you are free to rent them from a vendor. We offer 3 set-up options for you to choose from. The chairs are a lightweight folding chair. If it is for a wedding ceremony, we recommend that guests take their chair from the ceremony and utilize them for the reception seating. 

Do you allow party tents on the property for larger events? 

Yes, we have several locations for tent set-ups throughout the property. You will need to contact a vendor as tents are not included in our pricing. 

Do you offer corporate events? 

Yes, we cater to all types of events, not just weddings! We also book year-round as our event center is heated and cooled! 

How large is your parking lot?

We have around 130 spaces for parking, including handicap-accessible parking.  There is also plenty of overflow parking spaces available, and parking for several cars on the farm home parking lot on the side of the home.

What days do you take bookings? 

We are open for bookings 7 days a week! 

Do you have a place for a bridal party to get ready? 

Yes, our package pricing includes the farmhouse which has been fully renovated with a separate bride and groom area, each having large and separate full bathrooms. Keep in mind, the house is not for use by all of your guests. It is for direct family and bridal party only! 

Do you allow smoking? 

Smoking is only permitted outside on the patio that is a "designated smoking area". Cigarettes are to be placed in the ash tray provided. 

Where are the nearest hotels? 

The closest hotels are straight east towards Fort Wayne and less than 10 minutes away! 

How close are you to Fort Wayne? 

We are closer to Fort Wayne then Columbia City (despite the address). You can get to Lima Road in 10 minutes. 

Do you have an in-house speaker system? 

Yes, a basic system is installed for light/quieter music. For a dance floor style occasion you will want to hire a DJ with a larger sound system. 

Do you have a projector and screen? 

We do keep a projector and screen that are available and included in your rental. If you choose to use it, you will need to let us know up front and we will have it set up for you! 

Is your venue Handicap Accessible? 

Yes, our facility bathrooms, covered patio, and reception area is handicap and wheelchair accessible! 





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